This I Believe

This is going to be a longish post so bear with me. Here is a few things I believe, so that you can better understand me and why I’m beginning this journey.

I believe this is no supernatural. Reality are the things we can see/touch/hear/quantify/etc. Anything outside of that is non-existent. When we can do those things, then things exist. I make no claims that there never was and never will be a deity. Only that the evidence for such is so lacking it borders on unacceptable. Again, I’m open to the idea that a deity could exist because tomorrow that evidence could appear, or next week, next month, etc. However, from everything I’ve experienced, I do not live my life thinking that it is a plausible occurrence. Thus, I consider myself an atheist.

Now that is a scary word to many, many people. It was hard for me to accept for a short time. However, there’s no need to be scared of it. It means several things to me as well. One is that I don’t think of anything concerning an afterlife. The time I have alive is all I get, so I really try to make the most of it. I do what I enjoy because a time will come where I won’t be able to do such things. It also makes me treat people with respect. I can’t be a mean, disrespectful person my whole life and casually repent on my deathbed. I have to take responsibility for my actions now because there is no other time to do so. Atheism also created in my a newfound respect for other people and their decisions. I, honestly, have any reason to discriminate. We are all humans. We should all have equal rights. There is no scientific, logical reason that LGBT people should suffer indiscretions from a government who is supposedly outside the sphere of religious influence. The only person who should be concerned with getting an abortion is the owner of the uterus. No one else gets a say when I get a wart removed from my foot, even though that’s a “living thing”. I’ve come to learn that “religious freedom” is synonymous with “I am free to impose my religious doctrines upon you” and I just don’t think that is right. We are a free society and should be free from this.

This has lead me to my activism. I have been an atheist for almost 15 years and only recently have I been so outspoken about it. Two things changed me. One was attending the Reason Rally in 2012 (and I will be attending in 2016!!! Much more on that in later posts) and the other was reading David Silverman’s book “Fighting God”. In his book, he lays out, quite clearly, not the reasons to be an atheist, but to be an outspoken, “Firebrand” atheist. He has facts to back this up which I urge every atheist I know to read this fantastic book. It really opened my eyes to the stigma and harsh reality that us atheists face and is a primer on how and why to fight back.

Be forewarned. I will not tread lightly on the subject of religion. Ridicule of ideas is a completely ok thing in my book. And it will happen here…a lot.

And now for this blog. I got tired of sitting on Twitter and other places not doing much of anything. I wanted to participate. I wanted to be seen and heard. I wanted to be another soldier…in the war on Christmas! But seriously, I wanted to do something. So I made this blog and a brand new Twitter feed so I could be someone more than myself. I could become part of the bigger Atheist community!


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