An Atheist at Christmas

“You have confused a war on your religion with not always getting what you want.” -Jon Stewart

Christmas can be a hard time for us atheists. It’s a constant reminder that A) I don’t fit in and B) the majority of people believe nonsense. Now, while the religious aspects of the holiday are dwindling, the constant shouts of “war on Christmas” still are heard. We don’t want to stop you from doing what you want, just let everyone do what everyone wants. Atheists are very pro-equality and the privilege of Christians make it seem like they are persecuted while in actuality their privilege is under attack. No other religion has had their holiday become a national holiday (granted I think this has done more than enough to secularize Christmas).

Still, I like the idea of Christmas. I love getting presents for people and I do take a good amount of time to plan,buy and wrap them. And I’m a little weird about getting them but it’s still fun. I like being around my family and telling stories and whatnot. It’s all very lovely nice, but it just doesn’t have to be wrapped in a myth.

That’s why I love the song I posted above. Tim Minchin might just be my favorite musical artist. Not only does he have talent and wit, but he also shares my atheistic views…and he wrote the above Christmas song. A song about love, family, and the weirdness of religion. It’s truly one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. And that’s why it’s now part of my Christmas tradition.

I buy a bottle of white wine just for me. I pour a glass and drink it alone outside. I take that time to reflect…to be thankful for what/who I have in my life, what my strengths are, what I need to work on, and I sing the song quietly  to myself, shed a tear like I do every time I heard that song, then head back inside to my family and the festivities.


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